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We envision a world in which all children fulfill their limitless potential.


Our mission is to prepare young people to thrive through outdoor adventure and transformative play.


our model

Our program model is built on evidence based approaches to positive youth development and user-centered design with our community in Northern Uganda. Over ten-years, we have honed a model that provides youth with resilience education training delivered via outdoor adventure and play, opportunities to engage and give back to their community, and healthy relationships with peers and mentors. Additionally, our model provides parents and guardians with tools and information to support their youth to fulfill their potential. Finally, our model invests in laying the groundwork for safe and healthy family and community relationships empowering families and communities to take ownership of their responsibility to invest in youth prepared to thrive.

why outdoor adventure +

 transformative play?

We believe that the best way to prepare young people to overcome adversity is to expose them to experiences of controlled adversity. Experiences of controlled adversity allow us to simulate stress, learn how to recognize our emotions and practice responding to them, be vulnerable with those around us, and discover our own resilience and strength. Outdoor adventure and play provide opportunities for age-appropriate experiences of controlled adversity to young people from early childhood through adolescence. From noticing the power of positive communication in a game during P.E. class, to connecting experiences on the zip-line to the moments in life that require bravery and confidence, to venturing out on their first wilderness excursion, the experiences our students gain are the catalyst for owning their resilience and thriving.


our programs

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our values


Above all, ‬we are kid-centered. ‬Our programs are designed with and for children and youth ‬with the intention of building programs and outcomes around their biggest hopes and dreams. We value the safety, ‬protection, ‬and success of each and every individual ‬child and youth with whom we work.


We believe decision making should be guided by our participants’ qualitative reflections and our own rigorously collected data. We are committed to rigorously defining & testing our impact. ‬We learn from ‬existing research & key stakeholders to define desired outcomes and determine how to measure ‬them. ‬


Founded in the wake of a decades long war in northern Uganda, The Recreation Project values peace. We understand that conflict and war leave marks on people and societies for generations. We want TRP to be a place of peace for the people we serve. This should be evident both in the environment we maintain in the forest and in the way we implement our programs.


We know that in order to grow, ‬we must humble ourselves. Within our gates, both CEOs and children born in captivity jump from the same zipline platform. They are equal as participants in our programs. ‬‬Additionally, humility is how the TRP team operates. ‬Our directors help put equipment away and our facilitators help define our mission and vision.


We seek to learn and emulate excellence in all we do. ‬ ‬We strive to maintain internationally recognized safety standards for our ropes course and outdoor adventure activities. ‬We uphold child protection and safeguarding best practices based in current child development, ‬psychosocial, ‬and experiential education research.


We have a deep respect for the community we serve, ‬the generous donors who support us, ‬and our peers who seek to learn from our work. ‬It is our responsibility to work with integrity in all we do to ensure that we deserve their respect as well.


We seek to transform lives, ‬inspired by the most transforming love of all. ‬We are faith-rooted, ‬not faith-based. ‬We don’t seek to evangelize; we strive to live and act with Christ as our example, ‬loving each individual who enters our gates.


our team



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