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Women of The Recreation Project

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Here in Uganda, as in many countries around the world, International Women’s Day is celebrated as a public holiday. It is an opportunity for us to thank the powerful, vibrant, and remarkable women in our lives. Whether family, friends, or colleagues, it is important to remember how much they mean to us.

At TRP, we think of ourselves as family, friends, and colleagues. This is our chance to highlight the amazing work that our female coworkers and facilitators do for us.

From left to right: Lamunu Irene has been with TRP for many years. She began as a facilitator  and has steadily moved up. As our Outdoor Adventure Program Manager, Irene is responsible for sculpting our programs to fit the needs of our clients. As if that were not enough, she also manages TRP’s finances (and keeps the rest of us on track). She is generous, thoughtful, and truly is TRP’s anchor. We are grateful for her every day.

Alimocan Janeth has been a facilitator for us for a long time. Her experience with our material is evident every single time she comes to work with us. We know we can call Janeth to work with any program-whether it’s the climbing club, remand home, piggery training, or even a company retreat, Janeth never fails to demonstrate complete mastery of our curriculum. Her patience and easy smile lift encourage all of us to strive to do our very best.

Brenda Ojera is one of our facilitators-in-training. Coming to us originally from the piggery training, Brenda immediately showed a knack for grasping the life skills piece of our curriculum. We decided early on that she would make a very strong facilitator, and we have been blown away by her progress. Brenda is always eager to learn more, and her gentle but focused demeanor has allowed her to progress quickly. We are truly lucky to have her on the team. Not pictured: Irene Laguti, Aliroker Jenny.

Though two of our other amazing staff members could not be with us for the picture, we want to celebrate them as well. Irene and Jenny have both been with us for a long time. We know we can call on them both for any program. Irene has recently become instrumental in facilitating our climbing club. Jenny has a remarkable way with children, and we are always sure to call her if our program involves working with young ones.

These five women not ensure that The Recreation Project is able to function, but truly are the keepers of the spirit of TRP. We work every day to teach individuals how to support each other, how to interact healthily with their communities, and how to manage their emotions. The women of TRP are not just masterful teachers of this material; they are master practitioners of it. We are endlessly grateful, both professionally and personally, for their presence in our lives.

Happy International Women’s Day from TRP.

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